What is Wine Box?

Wine Box is a monthly subscription that provides exceptional quality. Every month, you'll receive a sommelier selected batch of wines and expertly written educational information on these high-end, family-owned and independent wineries.
Wine Box is all about exploring new corners of the wine world. You select the volume and value of wine, and we’ll take you on a journey through each delivery.

How do you choose which wines I get?

We meticulously taste hundreds of wines every month for our store selection. Our in house sommelier compiles a thematic look at the best of the best.

Can I choose the wines for each order myself?

Each box is expertly curated and unable to be edited. If you received a wine you’re not thrilled with, let us know and exchange the bottle for something you love!


Can I change my Wine Box plan after I sign up?

You have the freedom to adjust your membership plan whenever you desire, simply log in to your account page and navigate to the "Manage Membership" option in the Membership Information section.
Select the plan you wish to enroll in and click "Change Plan" to confirm the update.
You will receive a confirmation that your plan has been updated.

Can I place an order without being a member?

Yes, you have the option to place an order through our main store at any time.

Can I pause for an extended period of time?

Yes, if you wish to pause your membership for an extended period, you can do so by going to your Account page and selecting the "Manage Plan" option in the Account Information section.
On this page, you'll find options to adjust your plan. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a "Pause/Cancel Plan" link. Click this link and provide the necessary information, so we can set your account to the appropriate pause period.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Absolutely! If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by visiting your Account page and selecting the "Manage Plan" option in the Account Information section.
On this page, you'll find options to adjust your plan. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a "Pause/Cancel Plan" link. Click this link and provide the necessary information, so we can set your account to the appropriate status according to your request.

Can I give the wine membership as a gift?

Yes, you can give a pre-paid membership. Visit or Gift page to purchase. From here, the recipient will be able to set their own delivery information.

Do I collect Rewards points on my membership wines?

At present, membership wines are not eligible for point accrual in the Rewards program. However, any wines you purchase in store or online accrue membership rewards.


What if I don’t want an order this month?

Wine Box offers flexibility to manage your wine deliveries on your own terms.
To skip an upcoming order, log in to your account page and click the "View Drop" link in the Wine Tracker at the top of the page.
In this window, you'll find a section labeled "Quick Options" with two options: you can either reschedule your order to the following week or skip the month altogether.
Rescheduling your delivery a week may result in receiving a new selection of wines.
If you choose to skip the delivery entirely, your order will be canceled.

Can I pick-up my Wine Box order at a Pearl Wine Company store?

Yes, you can pick-up your wines at Pearl Wine Company by bringing your monthly confirmation email to the store.


When will I be charged for my order?

You will receive a preview of your order the Monday evening of your assigned delivery week. Then, you can add bottles, skip, pause, or cancel. 24 hours later, your credit card will be charged. At this moment, all the wines will be packed and ready for delivery/pick-up at your assigned window.

Can I purchase a membership using a Pearl Wine Company gift card?

No, gift cards are specific to either Pearl Wine Company or Wine Box, and are not interchangeable. Valid payment methods include Wine Box gift cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What is the refund policy?

We strive to ensure that all of our customers are content with their membership. In the event that you are unhappy with either your membership or wines, kindly reach out to us via email at

Will my membership automatically renew?

Wine Box is an automatically renewing monthly membership. Monthly transactions will continue until the time of cancellation.

Will my membership be automatically renewed with the same plan and wine type that I had selected previously?

If you are happy with your current selections, there is no action needed on your part as your renewal will automatically include the same package tier you had previously selected. However, if you wish to make changes, you can do so within your account. Simply sign into your account and make the necessary changes under "Manage Memberships".

Is it possible to modify my membership plan and wine selections?

You can make changes to your membership plan by accessing the account section. These changes will take effect immediately for your next monthly order.
We will be unable to accommodate any changes to an order after it has been charged.

Will my membership renew at the same price as originally purchased?

Our aim is to maintain affordable prices. However, in case there is a need to modify the prices. At that point, you will have the option to adjust your plan or cancel it, if you prefer.

I need to update my credit card information for billing and renewals since the information I provided when I first signed up has changed. How can I do that?

After logging into your membership account, you can update your card details by accessing the "My Saved Cards" section within your account.

How can I cancel my membership?

Our hope is that you will be delighted with your membership and decide to continue with us. However, if you ever need to cancel, you can do so within your account.
Simply go to “Manage Membership” and select “Pause/Cancel.” You will receive a variety of prompts, but once submitted, your subscription will be canceled.

I canceled and want to rejoin. How do I sign up again?

If you had a membership account before but it is currently inactive, you can reactivate it within your account. Your previous subscription plan will automatically set, which you can then modify by selecting “Manage Membership.”


What makes a Wine Box membership a great gift?

Gifting a Wine Box membership is an exceptional way to surprise and delight a loved one or friend with a thoughtful and unique gift. It provides an ongoing source of pleasure and exploration, offering a diverse selection of wines not available at local stores, delivered straight to their doorstep.
Expert wine selection, educational resources, and enhanced wine-drinking experiences make it a gift that keeps on giving to any wine lover.

Does my gift recipient need to activate his/her gift subscription in order to begin receiving shipments?

Yes - the recipient will need to use the gift card you provide them to activate their subscription. By following the instructions in the gift email, they will create an account, enter their delivery information, and start receiving wine.
A credit card is due upon the time of sign up, regardless of a gift card being applied. This is to allow the recipient to add on additional bottles while still receiving the full value of the gift.

What kind of businesses give client gifts?

Numerous businesses can reap the rewards of presenting client gifts. For instance, realtors have found that offering a handcrafted wine as a Closing Gift is an excellent way to express gratitude for referrals. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, and countless small independent businesses also rely on referrals to expand their clientele.
Moreover, gifting a carefully crafted wine selection is a sophisticated method of acknowledging and rewarding employees.
When it comes to expressing appreciation, a gift of handcrafted wine is highly valued and easily remembered.

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